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We develop products and projects over 15 years of experience in business management solutions.

Our services

Kuadron develops web, mobile and desktop applications specifically for businesses and leads the digital transformation processes regardless of the companies level of technology usage.

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • IT Consultancy
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Quality Management System
  • Franchise Automation System
  • Human Resources System
  • Tailor Made Software Development
  • Cloud Based Software (Franchising)
  • Software Development for Start-up Projects
  • Software Development for B2B&B2E

Instead of focusing on competition, we pay attention on customer needs

We adopt a high quality approach at all touch points when we contact our customers and work so hard to maximize our brand value.


We pay attention to stay connected with our customers.

User-Friendly Solutions

We develop applications with a simple interface and are easy to use.

Special solutions for business

We offer job-specific solutions with the hard work of our analysis team.

Holistic Approach

We provide the spread of digitalization to all levels and increase efficiency between departments.

Turkish Water Polo Federation
Water Polo Management System

It is aimed to monitor and manage the competitions organized by the federation more easily through the system to be implemented, as well as to easily report game statistics.

  • Referee, Athlete, Coach, Personnel Management
  • Competition Management
  • Punishment Module
  • Decision Support Module
  • Web and mobile compatible
  • Reporting
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Turkey Agricultural Credit Cooperatives
Intranet Project

Agricultural Credit Cooperatives provide service from hundreds of points in Turkey. With the implementation of the intranet project, complex business issues and internal communication processes become much more powerful and productivity at work will increase exponentially.

  • User Management and Authorization
  • Announcement/News Module
  • Human Resources Processes Module
  • Demand Management Module
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Kütahya Çinigas Distribution
Quality Management System

We continue our work on Kütahya Çinigaz to make its service to its subscribers more consistent and sustainable.

  • Quality Management And Planning
  • Quality Assurance and Control
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Franchise Automation System

TİGEM can easily manage its seed sales to more than 280 dealers and 14 agricultural enterprises spread over 81 provinces in the online environment.

  • Cloud Based Technology
  • High Security
  • Simple Interface
  • Mobile Compatible
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Listen to what our customers say!

“With the system developed by Kuadron, we can easily manage the tender and sales processes of thoroughbred horses in an electronic environment. We would like to thank the project and software development team for their successful work.”


TİGEM - Equestrian Department

“We used to use tools like Word or Excel to manage resources in our business. Therefore, processes would become complex and challenging. After experiencing TORK, it has become much more convenient to manage daily operations. Now we can devote the remaining time to growing our business.”

Orçun Çankaya

Argesan Kalıp San. Tic. - Board Member

“Our sales team can prepare professional offers and track customer feedback online with TORK CRM. We can easily follow the stages of the sale and the next step to be taken on the kanban board. So, we significantly increased the conversion rate of our offers.”

Necati Yazgan

Conpromac - Board Member

“By strengthening the business processes between us and our dealers, we started to provide faster and result-oriented service to our end consumers. We can now manage stock and current account follow-ups much more easy with TORK's Mikro Software integration.”

Tunç Öztürk

Teatub - Manager

“During the pandemic, we had the chance to manage almost all the resources of our business with TORK, independently of the location. With the improvements that we experienced in offer, order, stock management and e-invoice processes, our business spent the pandemic period making profit instead of losing turnover.”

İsmail Hakkı Yağcızeybek

LSK Yapısal Ahşap - Manager

“Our biggest challenge was the lack of coordination between the sales team. CRM application which was developed by Kuadron specifically for our business, we now have instant access to all kinds of information about our works, and now we can make data-oriented decisions by making detailed reports of our product/services.”

Fatih Beşel

IOTISS Akıllı İş Çözümleri A.Ş. - Sales Manager

“With the implementation of the ERP program, we had the opportunity to monitor and manage the activities of our business such as accounting, CRM, project management, purchasing, stock and production. We have increased our productivity by effectively planning our resources. I would like to thank the Kuadron team, who are always with us during the orientation and training period.”

Burak Sivrikaya

Çözüm İş Grup - Manager

“We are a company that carries out project-based business. So, we a need software that run our work. Thanks to the Project Management System (PMS) which we developed with Kuadron, we were able to control costs for each project we carry out, and we had the opportunity to plan the issues that require follow-up on employee basis.

Ruhi Gönüllü

Mavion Bilişim Teknolojileri - General Manager Assistant

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