Product Development and Marketing

We develop technologies that allow companies to do business with minimal payments regardless of the platform, without incurring investment costs (license/server cost, training, support, updates).

From Idea to Product

We meticulously design all processes from the idea stage of the software product to the market launch.

01.Idea and Planning

Business ideas with high product potential are evaluated, and the most suitable ones put on the table.

02.Analysis, Prototype and Test

Test processes are run by creating a prototype (MVP) for the product whose business plan is completed.

03.Market Test

The marketing team carries out the pricing policy, market research and branding processes.


Our sales partners contribute to the commercial activities of the final product and present the product to the market.


Business Management Software

TORK is a business management software that allows SMEs to easily manage their daily works with its CRM, finance, advanced report tool and to do features.

  • CRM
  • Finance
  • Work Follow
  • Report
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Access Data Anywhere

It is an easy-to-use report application that allows businesses to access data in local and cloud at any time.

  • Access to Data Anywhere
  • Online Reports
  • Compatible with Different Solutions
  • Easy Report Generation in 4 Steps
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Front Runner
Sports Event Management System

The software development process continues for the organization of multiple processes, from the accreditation of single or multi-branch sports organizations to game management.

  • Tournament Management
  • Game Management
  • Single or Multiple Branch

Quality Management and Planning System

The KYS software development process continues in order to determine whether the quality standards are met in the business processes of the companies and to build customer satisfaction.

  • Quality Planning
  • Quality control

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